Bone graft: Procedure, Recovery, and Precaution

Bone graft: Procedure, Recovery, and Precaution

If you have ever had bad fracture or been a situation where you lose bone and it is not able to recover then your doctor would suggest you to get the bone grafted. This is the best solution which can help your bone to recover again and you can get your bone back in the right condition. It also solves the jawbone-loss problem. Dentist in Arlington, VA suggest that if you do not have sufficient bone volume then the dentist needs to perform bone grafting and then implant procedure takes place.

What is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is a method where any body part is not able to recover bone. Doctor or dentist in 22203, take the bone part from another part of the body and fix it at the deficiency part. Inside the bone there is a matrix of living bone cells. This matrix is responsible to recover or heal that area. New bone seal themselves to the old bone which helps them to recover that area.

What is the procedure and technology used in bone graft?

When we talk about the bone grafting material it comes from two ways mainly. One is from Jar and another one is from human body. Let us first talk about the jar. Jar means that bone material is manufactured with the help of biomaterial technique. According to McLean dentist, biomaterial can be made from human donor, cow, and man-made system.

Another is the part of taking from the human body. Most of the times Dunn Loring dentist can take a bone part from the hips, ribs, wrist or pelvis. Dentist in Washington dental, make sure that the part of the bone which is taken is very healthy and would able to recover that part. Taking part from the body can create discomfort. You might need to face swelling, pain and other problems but it will be worth it.

Once they take material from the biomaterial or human body part, they attach it with bone loss place and then bone cell start their work and create a bone mass so that both of them can attach properly. You may need to visit dentist office near me regularly. So, dentist in McLean, VA can keep track of the health of the bone grafted.

How does recovery happen?

This is one of the most painful experiences you would have because people claim that the pain is not less than a tooth extraction. You will get swelling or bleeding,and to control this the dentist in Dunn Loring, VA would suggest using ice packes. The dentist would arrange an appointment within seven days so that they can also complete the implant procedure.

Talking about diet, dentist in Dunn Loring suggest that you should take a colder diet. This would help you to relax that area and decrease the pain. Once the surgery completes, you can start with soft food for a particular period of time. If you want a diet plan then contact dentist near me or your dentist. They will create a diet plan for the next few months.

Following you will find a few pieces of advices for bone grafting patients

  • It is very important that you are sleeping in the right position. You need to make sure that you sleep on your back and also use a pillow so that the blood flow would stay proper. This helps them to reduce bleeding.
  • It is advisable that you should not do any regress activity at least for the next 48 hours. Once you feel better then start things slowly but you can do your regular activities.
  • It is very important that you take healthy food, proper hygiene care, and nutrition so that you would be able to recover faster.

Bone grafting is very important for dental implant and when you do not have sufficient bone to hold the post. For this procedure you need a Saturday dentist which means a dentist open on Saturday so that you can approach them anytime. Any kind of emergency can be handled within a few minutes. If you are facing trouble to find a dentist who is available for 24 hours then you can contact the Complete Dental Care. They are also open on Saturdays and in emergency cases you can reach out very fast. They will also solve all the queries regarding bone grafting.

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