Complete Dental Care – Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

Complete Dental Care – Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

In case of tooth loss, one of the major issues faced by the patient is the fear of bone loss. Bone loss to jaw is major consequences which are a bigger dental problem of missing tooth. Missing tooth can disturb the chewing function of teeth and affect the overall structure.

It may further lead to other issues as well which include decreased gum tissue. It may also reduce your choice of obtaining other tooth replacement option. It may however also affect the facial appearance. In such cases, a bone graft is best solution provided by dentist.

How Bone Grafts Work

Bone grafts are grafts made of material obtained from either of the four sources, patient, other human beings, animal or synthetic material. This may depend on patient condition and needs. The inserted graft acts as a support system for other existing teeth.

It will replace the defected area and helps promote new bone growth. Graft material may also be made up of minerals like calcium, phosphorous and hydroxyapatite. Grafting can limit bone loss and promote healing. It also facilitates future dental procedure like a dental implant. Procedure is often performed with local anesthesia.

Bone Regeneration Expands Your Restorative Choices

Bone graft is an effective dental solution for halting bone loss. Grafting also opens various other choices of tooth replacement for a patient. It can help the patient obtain other suitable dental treatments like dental implants in Arlington, VA. This replacement options help provide better appearance, durability and applicability.

It does not only help maintain proper bone health, but it can also help obtain other options like crown placement by providing right strength to bone loss site.

Improving Your Health and Appearance by Restoring Lost Bone

Bone loss can not only harm your dental functionalities but may also affect your look and appearance. It can make you look dull and old. Thankfully, bones can be regenerated. Grafting can provide right strength to bone. It may also promote new bone growth for better mouth function. Bone grafting can improve the overall look to obtain a better and attractive smile.

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