Complete Dental Care Explains the Use of Mouthguards 

Complete Dental Care Explains the Use of Mouthguards 

Be it a child or an adult; mouthguards find application amongst all. Mouthguards find use among people playing contact sports like soccer, ice hockey, boxing, or lacrosse or patients suffering from various ailments as snoring or sleeping apnea. As the name suggests, mouthguards protect the teeth and delicate internal parts of the mouth. Simultaneously, the mouthguards also aid people suffering from snoring or clinching to teeth.

Use of Mouthguards

It is an exquisite view as well a great feeling to watch your child compete on the athletic ground or in a game of soccer or ice hockey. The smile on your child’s face makes you happy and proud. However, the fear of injury also looms over. In spite of the protective gear, you might have missed an essential safety precaution, your mouthguard.

A recent study of the American Dental Association has revealed that the chances of sustaining a dental injury increases by 60 percent if not wearing a mouthguard. You can always consult the dentist near you before finalizing a mouthguard. However, for protection, the size and comfort should be the priority. The mouthguard should be of the appropriate size and should fit in over the teeth and lips.

The face is the identity of a person. You would never want the face to be damaged. So, it is appropriate to use the mouthguard. People who wear braces regularly often suffer from cuts of the cheek, tongue, and lips from the sharp edges of the braces.

The dentists in Arlington, VA, suggest their patients in braces wear the orthodontic mouthguard. This can be worn irrespective of their age and potential activities. The regular mouthguards cover only the top teeth. However, these customized orthodontic mouthguards are specially made to facilitate the people who wear braces. They come with flanges, which you must bite to hold on. They possess large rubber flanges that are placed well under the lips and prevent the lips from crushing into the braces.

Apart from protecting from external injuries, mouthguards find application in the field of medical treatment. Patients suffering from sleeping apnea are made to wear a specialized mouthguard to facilitate the passage of air while asleep. People suffering from grinding or teeth clenching are also provided with customized mouthguard so that the lower and upper jaws do not meet.

Availability, Material, And Availability

In general, most of the mouthguards are available at the sports shop. The mouthguards meant for support and protection in the field of sports is affordable too. They are very inexpensive and vary from $3 to $5. The custom-made mouthguards might burn your pocket, but looking at the effectiveness and implication, it is worth expending the amount. The cost of an orthodontic mouthguard varies from $300 to $500.

Since these mouthguards are custom made, so more technique and time is consumed to ensure even the smallest details, be it size or comfortability of the patient. Customizing any item obviously is costly.

Apart from retail stores, mouthguards are available from different online stores at affordable prices and varieties. One can choose according to their needs and budgets.

Mouthguards are made from various materials. Poly copolymer thermoplastics are the bulk of the content, which comprises vinyl acetate-ethylene. Polyurethane and laminated thermoplastics also find application in the manufacture of mouthguards. Studies have revealed that the later suffers less dimensional changes under stress and is better suited to withstand more pressure and thrust. So, laminated thermoplastics finds more application as materials for a mouthguard.

Dentist and Mouthguard

Your dentist is always the best person to guide you with the best-suited mouthguard. Moreover, he can guide you with the proper care and maintenance of the mouthguards. It is advisable not to use hot water to rinse your mouthguard as that might defame the shape. You can clean the mouthguard with mouthwash or mild soap and toothbrush.

Change your mouthguards after using it for two to three years and when signs of degrading and holes are evident. Alcohols are enemies of the materials that mouthguards are made of, so alcohol should be avoided, at least while wearing mouthguards.

With the advancement of dentistry, teeth implants are prevalent. When you can save your teeth with the help of mouthguards, then why lose your teeth and go for implant? If you are looking for a dentist in Arlington, VA, Complete Dental Care can help you. Call us today for a consultation.

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