Dental Implants Make Your Smile More Beautiful

Dental Implants Make Your Smile More Beautiful

Your body parts need replacement or repair when they are subjected to continuous usage. Same is the case with your teeth. Apart from providing aesthetic value, your teeth are one of the most used parts of the body.

The process of digestion starts from the mouth. The teeth are responsible for breaking the food into smaller parts by chewing. Teeth aid in your speech too. Due to certain dental ailments or trauma, you might lose the tooth. Here comes the application of dental implants that resemble natural teeth and serves the same function. As per your need and the state of the mouth, the dentist might prescribe the best-fit implant for you.

What are Dental Implants?

Bridges or dental plates are made of metal that is placed surgically into your jawbones. Once the frames are in position, the endodontist can mount replacement teeth on it.

Implants are prosthetics or surgical components that are placed in the gaps formed due to tooth loss. In due time, the implants get infused into the jawbones and provide stable support to the false teeth. The bridges and dentures that are mounted on the implants remain in place and do not shift position while you eat or speak. Dentist in Arlington, VA, is experienced in administering implants.

Types of Implants

To get implants, you need to possess healthy gums and sufficient bones to support the implants. The primary need is to have healthy gum. Even after undergoing implants, maintaining healthy oral hygiene is of utmost importance. An unclean mouth is the thriving place of bacteria that can decay the gums and dentine. Dental implants in Arlington has become cheaper with better and experienced treatment by Arlington dentist.

The American Dental Association considers two types of implants to be safe. They are:

1: Endosteal Implants

As the name suggests, these implants are implanted surgically into the jawbones. After the initial surgery, once the peripheral gum tissues are healed, a second surgery is done so that the post can be connected to the actual implant. The process of the endosteal implant is completed by attaching an artificial tooth to the dentures.

2: Subperiosteal Implants

In subperiosteal implants, the metal frame is fitted in the jawbones, but are placed just underneath the gum tissues. Once the gum tissues heal, the frame is affixed to the jawbones. The posts that are attached to the metal framework protrudes through the gums. In due course, the artificial teeth are mounted on the posts.

Pros and Cons of Implants

On close study, the advantages of dental implants are immense. Dental implants serve as a substitute for natural teeth and serve as a perfect replacement. With an improved appearance and better ability to speak, implants provide aesthetic value. On getting implants, you need not shy from smiling as you do have to hide those dental gaps. Your self-esteem increases manifold.

Biting and chewing becomes difficult, sans your teeth. With implants, eating becomes easier as you can chew properly. Moreover, the discomfort of dentures is eliminated with implants.

The durability and longevity of implants are more than other dental treatments like bridges or dentures. Implants also eliminate the discomfort of opening the dentures and cleaning. Thus, oral health is better when you have implants as cleaning is easier and does not require additional care than natural teeth.

The disadvantages of implants are considerably less. Apart from being expensive and undergoing surgery, implants are a good substitute for natural teeth. Although few studies reveal that the implants can be detrimental if placed for a long period. Since the implants have higher longevity, so after a certain time, complications might arise. Going for implants is a big commitment. So, it would help if you planned accordingly to go for permanent treatment.

Opt for Dental Implants for A Healthy Smile

When you have decided to go for implants, it is worth paying a visit to Complete Dental Care. With our staff proficient in English and Spanish and placed at a convenient location, you can be assured of the best dental care. Be it dental restoration or implants; our dentists are vastly experienced to provide you with the best care and treatment. With free x-ray for every new patient, we emphasis on a correct diagnosis. Our friendly staffs ensure to make you feel comfortable. It is advisable to go for implants at Complete Dental Care.

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