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Bone Grafting in Arlington, VA

If you do not know what a bone graft is, it may be alarming to hear your dentist mention one to you. The process may sound scary, but it is a fairly simple procedure by Dentist in Arlington that can improve your oral health. Bone grafts are used to correct problems that occur within the jawbone so that you can have restored functioning of your mouth.

It is a minor procedure performed by making an incision in the gum line and inserting bone beneath it. Grafting introduces bones and minerals to the body, so they can encourage growth in the bone. Once the bone has grown enough, you will be able to get dental surgeries that allow you to correct dental issues and get replacement teeth installed.

At Complete Dental Care we deploy our trained and certified professionals to provide you the service and ensure complete care and wellness. All you really have to do is schedule an appointment with a dentist near you and avail the treatment service.

Why is a Bone Graft Performed?

Bone grafting is performed on patients for many reasons, but the main reason is to regenerate bone that has been lost in the jaw. The dentist in Arlington, VA use the latest technology equipment and techniques to offer the services, and if you too are looking for services an appointment here at Complete Dental Care will surely work for you.

They can accomplish several things for patients, including:

Save teeth: Diseases and lost teeth can cause bone loss that results in bone degeneration. The bones around teeth can deteriorate, but a dental bone graft for a tooth can save it by keeping it stable in the mouth.

Extractions: When teeth are removed, material is often used to fill the socket of the tooth. This makes it possible to replace the tooth in the future if you decide you want dental implants.

Implants: Dental implants use a small titanium post and insert it into the bone of the jaw. The post allows replacement teeth to be attached securely into the jaw. If you have lost teeth, bone may have deteriorated. Grafting replaces the bone so that implants can heal and stay secure in the mouth.

The Procedure

Bone grafting in Arlington can be done under local anesthesia, but other sedatives can be used to make sure the patient is comfortable. Only a small incision is made in the gums, where the material will be placed. Any pain from the procedure can be managed with OTC pain medication. Ice can also help relieve pain.

Visit Arlington dentist near you if you have lost teeth and would like to know your options about bone grafting. We proudly serve patients in Washington, falls church, columbia heights, rosslyn, dunn loring, buckingham, fairfax, Mclean. Schedule an appointment at our dentist office near you.

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