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Losing teeth is not an ideal situation. Think about all that it affects: talking, eating, even just your basic smile. It’s important to make sure you know the best ways to protect your teeth and keep injuries to your mouth from happening.

Mouthguards, or mouth protectors, protect your teeth. They provide a cushion or shield to your teeth to lower the risk of broken teeth. In turn, this can protect your mouth, tongue, lips, and face from being injured by broken teeth. An appointment with a dentist near you will give you complete idea of your dental health and the steps that you need to follow to maintain it.

They are usually designed to cover your upper teeth. Those teeth are more likely to receive damage if struck because they stick out more. When protected, you’ve made yourself safer from damage to the trauma they’d take.

Types of Mouthguards Near You

Boil and Bite- These are the common dental mouthguards that can be bought at a drug or sports store. They’re meant for basic protection, but stronger than the cheaper stock versions. They are softened by boiling in water so that they can conform better to the shape and style of your teeth. There are instructions included with the boil-and-bite mouthguards, and it is important to follow them for the best results and safety.

Custom-made- These are the kind we have available at Complete Dental Care. Custom mouth guards can be more expensive, but if you truly care for your teeth, they are the best option. They are created to each individual for the best fit and the most comfort.

Stock- These are inexpensive mouthguards that can be bought pre-formed to be inserted in your mouth. They don’t fit as well as boil and bite styles or custom fits. They can feel large and uncomfortable and make talking difficult.

Mouthguard Care and Replacement

mouthguards should be replaced immediately if they are showing signs of wear. This is important for the safety of your teeth and mouth. For those who are young, it is important to keep checking that the fit is still good because their mouth and teeth are growing and changing.

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