What Can Be Expected from Bone Grafting for Dental Implants?

What Can Be Expected from Bone Grafting for Dental Implants?

If you are in good general health but have lost a tooth due to injury, infections, or periodontal disease you will find a dental implant is an excellent and safe long-term solution. It is an artificial tooth root that is inserted into the jaw by a board-certified specialist in periodontology and dental implant surgery to hold a replacement tooth in place. Dental implants feel and appear natural and after the procedure is completed they function similar to natural teeth. They are also helpful to save the other teeth because they do not rely on the adjacent teeth for support. However, bone grafting may become necessary before inserting the dental implant.

The Procedure for Dental Implants

The surgery for dental implants is generally performed in stages. The removal of the damaged tooth is the first stage after which the jawbone is prepared for the procedure. The bone grafting will be conducted at this stage. This is a procedure to replace and regenerate lost bone to restore proper facial contour. Bone loss often occurs when you have lost teeth because of trauma, decay, injury or rot. The bone around the jaw would have deteriorated necessitating a bone graft to create a solid base for the dental implant.

The Bone Grafting Procedure

Conventionally the surgeon would remove a piece of bone from another part of the patient’s body to be transplanted into the jawbone. Other options presently include obtaining bone from a cadaver or even animals to replace the missing bone. These options are stable for the patient and prevent the need to open up a second surgical site but most importantly are just as successful. After the bone graft has taken place the patient will be required to wait for several months before the transplanted bone develops into the new bone that can support the placement of a dental implant.

The implant process moves forward only after the jawbone has healed. The surgeon will place a titanium dental implant into the jawbone which may also take several months to heal.

The board-certified periodontist will place the abutment after the jawbone has healed completely as an extension of the implant’s metal post. Here again, time must be allowed for the healing of the soft tissue. After the healing molds of the teeth and jawbone will be taken and the procedure for placing the new tooth can proceed.

The Purpose of Bone Grafts in Dental Implant Procedures

Bone grafts are time-consuming but are an essential part of the dental implant procedure. After the surgery patients will experience discomforts such as swelling in the gums and skin with bruising and some bleeding. However, these common side effects dissipate within a short time. Patients will also be advised certain dietary restrictions and will only be able to consume soft foods during the healing process. The restrictions will continue following every stage of the bone graft and implant procedure.

Can Every Dentist Perform Bone Grafts and Dental Implants?

You may believe that the procedure can be conducted by the dentist near you but these are extensive surgeries that require the experience of a board-certified specialist in dental implant surgery as well as periodontology. You may consider visiting your family dentist for the procedure to cut back on financial costs but the savings are likely to cost you more in the long run.

You must seek treatment from the dentist in Arlington, VA, because of the sensitive and multistage procedures that are needed to complete bone grafts and dental implants. Visiting the clinic like Complete Dental Care will give you access to an experienced periodontist board-certified besides being a dental implant specialist for many years.

If you want to be proud to share your smile displaying healthy teeth you must contact an experienced surgeon for this process. The procedures may consume time to make you feel you have gotten into a complex situation. However, the result will be worth waiting for is the bone graft regenerates into the new bone and the implant eventually allows you to have fresh teeth in your mouth that you had lost for one of the reasons mentioned above. If you are considering dental implants and need a bone graft you may as well get the treatment from the dentist in Arlington, VA, to be in a position to display your smile as you always did.

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